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How I Got Started

Born in Shanghai and transplanted to Australia at 16, I found myself straddling the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures. The challenge of this cultural dualism, compounded by my personal struggle with chronic fatigue, plunged me into a whirlpool of emotional confusion and frustration.

However, it was in these trials I discovered my path - a journey of mind-body-spirit healing that transformed personal strife into resilience. This path didn't merely restore my health; it shaped my identity, bridging the divide between East and West, the old and the new, science and art. This journey of transformation and self-discovery has become the cornerstone of my holistic healthcare approach.

Now, I'm a fervent advocate for holistic healthcare, donning many roles - a pharmacist, acupuncturist, artistic scientist, and scholar of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My journey stands as a testament to the power of self-empowerment and optimal vitality.

Guided by love's transformative power and compassion, I integrate diverse methodologies and positive energies in my practice, paying homage to our ancestors' wisdom while illuminating the path toward a healthier future.

By creating safe spaces for individuals to share their stories, I foster deep connections and collective growth. Welcome to my world, where science and art converge, tradition embraces the future, and each step forward is a stride towards a healthier, enlightened world.

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