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How I Got Started

Originating from Shanghai China and relocating to Australia when I was 16, I navigated the complex blend of Eastern and Western cultures. This experience, coupled with my battle against chronic fatigue, led me into deep emotional turmoil and frustration.


However, it was through these challenges that I found my calling - a holistic journey of healing encompassing the mind, body, and spirit that turned my struggles into strength. This transformational journey not only revived my health but also molded my identity, harmonizing the contrasts between Eastern and Western philosophies, tradition and innovation, and the realms of science and creativity. This path of self-discovery and healing has become the foundation of my approach to holistic healthcare.


My academic and professional journey has been rich and varied. Spending 13 years as a pharmacist, I then chose to delve deeper into my roots by pursuing a Master's in Chinese Medicine Acupuncture, echoing the practices of my ancestors. Embracing the role of a Chinese medicine practitioner, acupuncturist illuminated the critical relationship between psychology and physical health, prompting me to explore psychology to broaden my understanding and fuel my passion. My story is a testament to the empowerment and wellness that comes from within.


Driven by the transformative power of love and compassion, I blend various healing approaches and positive energies in my practice. I aim to honor the wisdom of our ancestors while empowering individuals to achieve inner peace and balance. This approach not only facilitates a deeper self-awareness among my patients but also fosters a harmonious connection with their physical selves.

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